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HHO? Yes, which is a form of hydrogen. What is hydrogen? Well, it is water turned into a combustible gas.

What has that got to do with you? Well if you found this, you at least have a vague idea that it can be used to power internal combustion engines, like jets, planes, cars and trucks, whether they run on aviation fuel, diesel or gasoline. In this particular case I am only going to be limiting my short discussion about cars and trucks, both diesel and gasoline powered.

Most of the auto manufacturers and the oil and gas companies are pushing for and developing hydrogen cell based vehicles. Why do I mention this? Well, the thing about this is that it means they keep you in need of their services to maintain a cell full (tank full) of hydrogen. They are trying to make the consumers think that the only way of providing you with hydrogen is to have filling stations like they have gas stations. The reality is that it is not needed.

Okay, I am sure I have your attention if I didn’t already. So they are trying to tell everyone that it requires too much electricity to produce hydrogen and they want to be able to continue using petroleum based products to provide that hydrogen. Now, if you have been paying attention you will see that I have already stated that hydrogen is made from water. Yes, it is, but can also be produced from some forms of petroleum products as well, but those are not 100% clean burning as water is.

I don’t want to get into all the hogwash about corporations doing this or that, just suffice it to say that they do what they have to do to stay in the current position that they currently hold. As we know that is a pretty darn good position with the price of gasoline and diesel.

HHO can be produced on the fly, which means no storage issues and it can be done on your current vehicle with only slight modifications which can be easily reversed at any time. It takes only a very small amount of electricity from your 12 volt battery to generate the hho on the fly as your demand requires along with gasoline. There are even devices which can be made to provide 100% on demand hydrogen based fuel without the need for gasoline or diesel, of which I may discuss in the future.

What we need to do at this stage is take the simplest route to get to the ultimate step and that is to start burning cleaner and using less fuel and the way to do it is here: get started with hho, water plus gas


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